Thursday, September 15, 2005


I've been meaning to post some important news and bits, like the fact that Talk Like A Pirate Day is just around the corner. Since the holiday comes on a Monday, you might be especially caught off guard and miss all the fun. Oooh arghh matey! We warn't be habin' ye miss all the festivities.

What else...? Well, every other year we host a Halloween party. And even though the 2003 Pirate party got a wee bit wild, we are contemplating the details of this year's party already.

Hmmm. It seemed like I had plenty of other stuff to share. It seems like I could at least make up a few notices. I got nada. Actually, it's as quiet as ever around here, and we have very little on our calendars. I don't want to put anyone on the spot or sound like a groveling social dork, but when was the last time you wrote? When was the last time, and don't make me name names, you shared some tidbits from your life? Chicken Blog can't just be Me and Mine. We'd love to hear from You and Yours. Talk like a Pirate or just be yourself. Tell us what's up.

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