Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Delusions and Other Amusements

Progress report: it ain't getting easier.

I love the way my brain deludes itself in to believing that I will catch-up. My brain assumes I will catch-up on lost sleep, catch up on dirty laundry, catch-up on filing paper work, catch-up on correspondence, catch-up on sorting, storing, packing, downloading, uploading and unloading.

The only one catching-up is Maria. She can track me down, absorb all my energy and then move on to her next conquest. She can reach me from any room in the house, using the power of her voice. She can pull me in with her intense gaze, her extended arms. She is about to become a walker. She is about to have to bottom teeth. She points to everything and asks, "Tttz?" which means: "Would you be kind enough to tell me what that is?" She peek a boos and patty cakes, knows the remote control is an object to covet. Right now she is on her belly, searching beneath the printer cabinet for any small objects she has not yet tasted.

I would like to hear from every person that said girl babies are "calm, quiet, gentle, docile, easier than boys..." you have some explaining to do.

We had a very full weekend. It was full of quality time spent with family, and rappelling, hiking, cycling, bodysurfing, building sandcastles, munching mini bell peppers with humus and soaking up the love. My mom and dad and brothers and their wives and aunt and uncle and cousin and grandmother, we were all together just hanging out. It was the sort of weekend that makes you wish there could be more weekends just like it. Well, until next time, I will be content with the good memories, and pictures, of course.

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