Friday, September 23, 2005

Mars Is Closer Than You Think

Read up on it: Approaching Mars. Cool. Of course I read it as another good reason to host our pumpkin party on the 30th of October. It's the cosmic union of science and party planning.

Hey, my tools are back! I can post pictures again!

So... here's Alison, conquering Stonewall Peak. Love the confident stance.

Here's a view of the crew, Alison, Gretchen and Hans, waiting below the rapellers.

William was hooked, and made 3 descents. His uncle Bill is showing him the ropes.

I guess I am hooked too. It's very fun, and I like the counterintuitive challenge of letting go.

24 hours later and we were at the beach. Southern California is awesome.

Gretchen, Delia, Alison with Maria and Natalie.

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