Sunday, October 02, 2005

This did not turn out to be the kind of weekend I had hoped for. I was gearing up for a cleaning rush. We are long overdue for deep cleaning, purging, sorting... even Max suggested we clean "until the house actually looks clean." Are you wondering whether I have an embarrassed grin on my face? Yes, I do.

But last night we had a really good dinner, and it came from cooperative, loving, thoughtful effort. Geoff started dishes while I nursed Maria. Then Alex played with Maria while I made turkey burger patties and grilled onions. William took the trash out. Max played I spy. The radio played classical music on NPR. Geoff lit the coals and we washed lettuce and sliced tomatoes together. Geoff found the ketchup, sliced cheese, and we both turned the onions. We ate dinner together. The onions came out as sweet as dessert. And after the table was cleared we walked outside to see the pumpkin lights Max, Geoff and Alex set up in the garden. It's still hot, and the house is still messy, but last night was one of the nicest evenings ever.

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