Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Are there signs? Not the obvious signs that ask us to stop, yield, turn left, buy on sale. Are there signs that are meant to direct our destiny, prevent user error, find us a higher purpose?

This morning Geoff discovered that the tailgate window of the Odyssey was totally shattered. Kapoot. There is no impact point or signs of a struggle; the van did not fight back. Something happened. Is there any need to elaborate about the hassle, the clean up, the expense, the uncomfortable mystery aspect? Enough said.

Life being the way it is these days, we were looking for an iterpretation of the windshield event. Hey, we're flipping coins, reading cookie fortunes and doing eenie-meanie too. So what does an open tailgate window mean? Does it mean move someplace open and breezy, like Hawaii? Does it mean don't move to a rainy place like the Pacific Northwest? Does it mean don't go to the tropical paradise if you don't have the income to deal with $$$ windshields?

I do know that before we discovered the minor disaster, we were trying to muster the resolve to stay the course, find our plan, be patient, breath deeply, have courage...I know better than to ask, "Can things be worse?" Of course things can get worse, which is why I don't ask. I am not even saying things are completely desperate or unsatisfactory, but Yeesh. This is probably a good time to take account of my blessings, maybe have a small glass of wine too, and to let go of half of my worries, half of my fears. If there are any signs of where we are heading, or how to get there, I will surely miss them if I am too stressed to pay attention.

The glass is swept, an appointment has been made to replace the window, and I have even called the insurance company, so I can drag $22 (more or less) from their coffers. Now, it's time to breath deeply, be patient, and stay the course.

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