Thursday, January 26, 2006

Out of Control

The house is dirty. It was cleaned on Monday. It stayed clean through Tuesday. It got slightly messy late on Wednesday. It's bad today. Collectively, I'd say the cleanliness lasted 2 days. Downstairs Maria pulled out 64% of our Cds. Upstairs we have a variety of messes, including dirty dishes, and anything that was in a cabinet within Maria's reach. She's pulled out clothes, Qtips, more clothes, books, magazines, playdough and playdough tools and some more clothes.*

*About 6 weeks ago Geoff recognized the need for childproofing cabinet locks. He immediately went to Home Depot and bought elaborate devices for keeping doors and drawers shut. The special locks are here, next to his laptop.

Hint: If you are currently expecting a baby and have never had one before, childproof now. Now, now. Not later, but right now, because later is a time that arrives when you will be confounded by your lack of time, energy and special skills. Comparatively you now possess time, energy and special skills in abundance. This is one of the gems, or pearls of wisdom, that I have never managed to apply in my own life.

A good book. A good boy. Alex is reading The Golden Compass, again.
Lucky, he has a good book to escape with, because like Tuesday, we will be spending another long day in the waiting area of the Honda service department. William is reading The Zombie Survival Guide, which should serve him well. William is a good boy too, though he is campaigning to be left at home rather than join us for the final chapter of the Windshield Chronicles.

Anyone would rather be somewhere other than in a waiting room. Maria would rather be holding the PS2 controls hostage. We tried to give her the spare controller, but she throws it back when she knows it's not the live controller.

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