Monday, February 13, 2006

Beautiful Pasadena

We were in Pasadena this weekend, for family, friends, food and art. Isn't life rich?
Family and friends were at Aunt Becky and Uncle Dan's, where we met Julie and Grandma,
cousins Steve and Andi and two of their children, Nicholas and Natalia, and good friend Paul.
We feasted on carnitas and queso fresco, salad, guacamole, empanadas, Julie's sangrias, rice and

.... more later.... the shuttle is coming to take me to the mechanic...

And I'm back.

Okay, so we had good food, obviously. We also had a nice neighborhood walk, meaningful talks, and laughter. It's been too many years since I've seen my cousins, but we slipped right in to easy conversation and the comfortable exchanges that family can share. There was a good game of Scrabble to finish the evening off, as well as talk of plans for the next gathering... some swimming and a barbecue? Count me in!

The next day we made it to The Huntington Library. I want to say a lot about this visit, mention great works of art, the lovely gardens etc... but Maria is nursing, so I am pecking letters on the keyboard with my left hand and she is contentedly kicking my letter pecking hand... too much handicap... Don't Maria and Julie make a lovely sight? They are just two of the beauties we encountered.

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