Wednesday, April 19, 2006

TreeHouse Easter

Easter Sunday at the Treehouse was a success. We had good company, good food, and good and happy children. Tamsyn brought her mom and dad, aunt and uncle. Nicholas and Isabella came with their mom and dad. There were plenty of eggs to find. Late Easter Sunday night Max assured me that it was the best Easter ever; he did a lot to relieve my insecuritiy and fatigue.

I've noticed that wherever uncle Rich goes the Easter bunny is especially generous. None of these children was disappointed.

Have you met Isabella? She is the new cousin and Nicholas's baby sister.

Maria found eggs with raisins and one egg with cookies.

Every time Maria learns a new trick that involves house damage, or life endangerment, either Geoff or I says "Eviction notice!" This not a childproofed house. Time is running out on our time here. Maria dropped her Elmo radio in the toilet. It is time for our eviction. June is looming. We are searching...
Here is Maria climbing Max's slide. She gets to the top, then slides down on her belly, which is moderately dangerous, but when she gets to the middle she sometimes stands and waves or she presents us with this pose... which really makes me queasy. But I have to admit she has style and skill... Olympics?

Single family home. 4 bedroom, 2.5 bath, fireplace, whine cellar, sewing room, gas stove, light and bright, pets allowed, RV parking, 2 car gagrage, gardener incl., swimming pool, ocean view, walking neighborhood, near schools, restaurants, National Park, Legoland, Zoo and convenient freeway access... landlord in Florida will sell to exceptional tenants with loving hearts and delightful children...

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Anonymous said...

That picture of Maria on the slide is delightful. She is the epitome of stle. I think that ideal landlord must be out there somewhere in the universe. Love the "Whine" cellar. Zelda sounds cool.