Friday, April 14, 2006

Janece hooked me with another catchy passtime... "a four things meme"
My answers go something like this...

Four movies you would watch over and over...

1. A Room With A View
2. My Neighbor Totoro
3. Meet Me in St. Louis
4. My Life As A Dog
I think this list could change hour to hour.

Four of your favorite flowers

1. Zinnias
2. Sweet Peas
3. Violas
4. Mountain lilac

Four magazines you buy regularly or subscribe to

1. People (to deny is to lie)
2. Sunset
3. Martha SL
4. Muse

Four of your own childhood toys still in your possession

1. pottery dishes from Mexico
2. clay piggy from Guatemala
3. stuffed puppy
4. old, old china doll of my mother's

Four TV shows you love to watch

1. Malcom in The Middle
2. Scrubs
3. My Name is Earl
4. CBS Sunday Morning

Four recurring nightmares you tend to have

1. cannot dial phone to save my life
2. necessary to beat the @#$% out of villain, but since I am successful maybe it doesn't count as a nightmare
3. --
4. --

Four place you have been on vacation

1. Hawaiian Islands
2. Cambridge Wisconsin
3. Bandon, Oregon
4. La Paz, Mexico... Geoff laughs as he reminds me

Four languages you can speak

1. Ingles, como una gringa
2. Spanish, like a gringa
3. --

Four places I'd rather be right now

1. Our own home
2. Our own home
3. Our own home
4. in bed

Four of your favorite foods

1. homemade corn tortillas
2. oatmeal raisin cookies
3. almonds
4. Thanksgiving dinner

Four of your favorite alcoholic beverages

1. Geoff's Margarita's
2. Whatever wine James is serving
3. --
4. --

Four of your worst vices

1. Foul mouth
2. Sloppy
3. Procrastinate
4. Terribly cranky

Four Accomplishments you're most proud of

1. William, Alex, Max and Maria
2. Certified massage therapist
3. Rappelled on a moonless night
4. Designed landscaping at El Rancho

Four of your biggest fears

1. Sharing my fears

Four of your most irrational fears

1. Losing everything

Four radio stations preprogrammed in your car

1. NPR
2. NPR
3. NPR
4. NPR

Four items you always carry in your purse

1. tweezers ( I got this one little hair...)
2. Crayolas
3. wallet
4. keys

Four things you look for in a mate

1. good teeth
2. clear eyes
3. sturdy limbs
4. no lesions... oh, and he has to appreciate my twisted sense of humor

Four things (realistic) you want to do within next five years

1. Finish 2 quilts
2. Have hens
3. Prepare my children for the world
4. Surprise myself

Four friends I am tagging who I think will respond

1. Anne
2. Julie C. Mystery Woman
3. Holly
4. Geoff... what?! It could happen.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I had to chuckle while reading the "irrational fears" category. I must confess, I have irrational fears of both the flesh-eating bacteria and spontaneous human combustion...

Holly "No More Late-Night Discovery Health Channel Viewing" VV