Saturday, May 13, 2006

I try to make my bed at least once a week, whether it needs it or not. My mom sent me an article about the benefits of not making your bed: Bed-bugs, dust mites, cooties etc. die when left exposed to sunlight and multiply faster when they are tucked-in to a made bed. She knew I would appreciate this highly evolved perspective on the dangers of bed-making This did not change my habits, it reinforced my laziness, or you could say it 'supported my good intuitions.' Maria loves it when we make the bed, or at least all the upheaval and blanket piles that preceed bed making. She amassed all the pillows and made a nest of the blankets and sheets. It looks like pure coziness. Alex is the one who most often stands on the other side of the bed and helps me smooth the sheets, stack the pillows and spread the quilt. I don't ask for the help, but it's one of the nicest and most supportive experiences to have him there working with me. I love when he's around to help me, and we exchange happy words, make a few plans. I don't want the dust mites to thrive, but when I consider the simple pleasures that come on bed making day, I think I should consider doing it more often. Maybe.


Tarie said...

Maria is so CUTE!!! =D =D =D

Natalie said...

Thank you, thank you.