Tuesday, May 16, 2006

We went north for Mother's Day, and surprised all by arriving with Delia. My mom drove down from Oregon, stopping with Bill and Alison on her way, and she has been with us since Thursday. So, when we went to Becky and Dan's on Sunday for a cookout and family time, we were packing an extra guest. Our visits to aunt Becky's are never a disappointment; the sky was blue and clear, and the welcome was heartfelt and full of love. We missed Becky-Sue, who had to work, but we were joined by Steve and Andi, Ashley, Nicholas and Natalia, and of course cousin Julie was there with Grandma.

I am trying to think of an elaborate description of the day, so that I can convey how pleasant and fun it was, but I think the pleasure and fun came from the simplicity of the visit. We ate a delicious lunch, made tastier by the sharing. We caught up on family news: Ashley is a college graduate, and her brother is an Air Force boot-camp graduate, Julie is days away from holding a teaching credential, Steve turned 49, so there was plenty to celebrate in addition to Loving the Mothers! What else?

Some of us went on neighborhood walks, and got closer to all the flower gardens and beautiful trees that line the steets and shade the beautiful homes. Max and Geoff played a game like soccer, using a tennis ball. Aunt Julie supplied Alex and William with plenty of pens and paper for drawing. Can you believe there was time to watch Napoleon Dynamite? That *charming* film is even funnier when the living room is full of Napoleon fans. "Gosh"... it wasn't about fancy stuff or elaborate plans. We were happy just being with each other. Let's get together again real soon, and maybe next time ______ can be there too.


Tarie said...

Belated Happy Mothers' Day, Natalie. =) By the way, I'm curious, which one are you in the pictures??? =)

Natalie said...

Hello Tarie.
How are you? What's the time difference between here and there? Maybe you already know how the day turns out? In the pictures, I am the one cheek to cheek with my first son, William.