Monday, May 01, 2006

Weekend get away! Weekend camping! Weekend fun!

It takes advance reservations and a willingness to turn your back on responsibilities and chores, and then you can get to a county park and pitch a tent, build a fire. You can feed ducks, coots and children, ride bicycles, hike, eat hot tortillas from the griddle, and gaze up through the oak branches in to the wide, blue yonder.

The trail was dappled in wildflowers. We spent just enough time there to relax and to realize that a few more days camping would be even better. William, Alex, Max and Tamsyn were happy and free to ride their bicycles along winding paths and through dry creek beds.

Though we weren't far from home, we were far from our daily lives, which was a welcome change.

We are home now, so it's back to school etc...

Would you like to join us in this week's lesson? Link up to PBS and watch Texas Ranch House tonight. We are preparing a cattle drive dinner before the program airs, then we'll settle in to the comforts of not being in 1867 Texas!

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