Sunday, June 04, 2006

It's June. Again. I still remember being in shock from it suddenly being June last year. 6 months ago it was Christmas. I'm not suggesting that you need a lesson in counting or an explanation of holidays and months. I'm just stunned and trying to grapple with the whole idea that days, weeks and months are whizzing by. I think that because my mind is still trapped in the *housing-moving-what-the-#$%!-are we doing?* mode, I lose perspective about the rest of life. 6 months ago it was Christmas and June was a distant reality, when our questions were going to have answers, and our answers would be good ones. June was the month when we would be moved out of one house and in to another, when we would be gathered together to honor my mom with a big Happy 60th Birthday, We Love You Party. June is still a birthday month, for Hans, Bill, Alex, Julie, Phil and my mom, but I am hardly prepared to make my way to Oregon. June is still moving month, if we can ever find a place to move to.

I woke up looking like a 1970’s Kentucky Hair-doed country singer, and Geoff said, “Well good morning Loretta,” and that made me laugh.

Recently Max asked “How many days until Alex’s birthday?”
Not certain what day it was I figured it was “About 3 weeks.”
Max needs exactness, so he asked again, “But, exactly how many days until the party?” I’m driving. Maria’s crying. Life is complicated, and Max needs numbers, now.
“Max,” I know I sound exasperated, “The party is in about three weeks. I don’t know what today’s date is, so I can’t tell you right now.”
Max, undaunted by my short fuse, raises his voice and asks, “Isn’t 3 weeks 21 days? The party must be in 21 days.”
If Max gets me to agree that the party is in 21 days he will hold me to those figures and a whole new crises will ensue if the dates are inaccurate.
With withered patience I rattle, “I AM ESTIMATING THE DAYS MAX. 3 WEEKS IS ONLY A GUESS…”
He calmly replied, “Yes mom, I know. You are only estimating, but I am calculating.”
And that made me laugh too.


Tarie said...

I know what you mean. I can't believe it's June either. Summer here in the Philippines is April-May. So summer is officially over here and the new school year is starting very soon. I already miss my lazy summer days. =( Now I am back to attending teaching orientations and workshops and faculty meetings on top of teaching classes and taking classes.

Natalie said...

April-May? That sounds like a quick holiday. Well, Happy Back to School. I hope it's a good year for you.

Tarie said...

Thank you. =)