Monday, June 05, 2006

Maria had her 18 month check-up this morning. I think she knows the routine. She left home in a good mood, but by the time she was undressed, weighed and measured, she knew she was in for trouble and it made her eyes brim with pools of grief in anticipation. She did get a shot, and the doctor dared to check her in-coming teeth, which are very tender. Maria is hanging on to her 49th percentile spot on the growth chart for height and weight. Actually everything measures very well. She's learning, growing, exploring, listening, dancing, climbing... she even knows how to lay face down and kick her legs... it's a classic, practically cliche tantrum, that I rate with high marks for both technique and style.

Did you know if we were in the Philippines our summer would be over? Talk about a time difference! Before our California summer is over, I hope to make some plans. If we could get the move behind us, unpack, settle in, there may just be time to sneak in a road trip. We've made 3 trips to the beach which has been very nice. I'd like to think I could handle the 3-4 days it would take to drive to Oregon on my own, but maybe I should be content to enjoy local sights. I used to feel like I had places, destinations to land, like the times I drove to Santa Cruz and Monterey, but life is complicated, things change.

Max, Maria and I have been enjoying N O G G I N, both online and on television. It's a safe and generous place for small children, with fun music and amusing games. Maria especially loves Jack Johnson's music video for "Upside Down." I intended to write a complete and elaborate explanantion for what we enjoy about Noggin and why it is an exceptional source of entertainment... but I am too tired... the heart of it is: We like it. It makes us happy. Now watch Jack and Curious George swim together in Hawaii... it might make you happy too.


Janece said...

Okay - NOGGIN is cool. It makes me want TV. Love the video too. Thanks for the bright pick-me-up post, Natalie.

Natalie said...

Yay!!! I was thinking of you and hoping you and Amira would enjoy a little Noggin time. We don't watch tons of it on TV, but it's a relief to know they will have something appropriate throughout the day and commercial free (not even public television can boast this.) By the way, it's nice to hear from you... it's been kind of quiet at Workings.

Janece said...

Unfortunately, we don't have TV - so we can't tune in. :( I've been debating about subcribing to cable but I always end up not doing it. There's so much TV out there that we don't need or want to see... and I don't want the temptation to vegetate in front of the TV when I could be writing, painting, taking a walk outside... and so on.

But when I hear about quality programming - like this and there's other stuff too, I know... I get tempted again. Hmmm. Dilemmas! ;)

Tarie said...

I hope you guys have a great summer!!! =)