Thursday, June 29, 2006

Last Saturday Betsy and Gabe were married. Holly, Rich, Nicholas and Isabella went to Wisconsin for the wedding; we weren't so lucky. This morning aunt Carol sent pictures from the wedding and reception. We missed a lot. We missed something special. I think I know the area well enough, and the family too, to say that it was probably a beautiful day with perhaps some unstable weather, and that everyone felt thrilled for the bride and groom, and Jordan and Griffin too. I imagine there was a great deal of laughter and easy conversation, as well as hot brats and cold beer. I imagine too that Gabe and Betsy were very happy, in love and surrounded by more love from family and friends, near and far.

Griffin will enjoy the special experience of not missing his mom and dad's wedding... I know Max wanted to be at ours!

The newly weds. Congratulations Betsy and Gabe!


Oh my... we've been away too long... who are these little girls? Sophie, Rosa (?) and Lily, I think.

Holly and her dad, Phil.

Nancy, mom, grandmother and great-grandmother. Very beautiful.

Thank you aunt Carol for sharing all the great pictures. We wish we could have been there.

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Tarie said...

Congratulations to Betsy and Gabe! =)