Friday, June 30, 2006

Some people thought that our housing situation was resolved because of the house down the street coming up for rent... I guess I didn't make it very clear: The house across the street is for rent, but it became available After I agreed to stay here for 3 months. Also, the other house is small and has no yard... well, it has small and rubble rattled patio on the edge of a high bluff. That is the deal, or it was the deal.

Here is the new deal: Bob the landlord and I talked again yesterday, and he has decided that this gem of a house is not worth remodeling after all, so he is resubmitting plans to the city. They will completely tear down this house and build new. The new plans and permitting process allow us to stay in the Tree House for 6-8 months, if we'd like. Obviously there are pros and cons, so let's consider...


we live here already
the rent is low
we live here already
the rent is low
nice neighbors
we live here already

I packed all the good stuff
the utility closet has this *smell*
we need to change a lot of light bulbs (What?! It's a factor, trust me.)
upstairs it's 85 degrees in summer
downstairs it's 58 degrees in winter
the laundry room has a mystery leak
the kitchen faucet is broken, so are the blinds and the stove exhaust
the boys sleep in the dining room
I am plagued with suburban regret, because I never got to decorate a nursery

Well I think it's clear: We should stay.

And for all my friends that still can't find my address or phone number, I am going to send out fancy "We are here for now cards" with all the relevant information.

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