Monday, August 07, 2006

I am taking a deep breath and sitting down to write The List.

clean car
take laundry to laundromat
clean house, yea, all of it
send "thank you" to Steve and Andrea
finish shower gift for Alison
keep cleaning house
pack. yup, pack.
pack house
pack for road-trip
water garden
clean refrigerator
clean RV
confirm appointment to repair clothes washer
return to laundromat
find a new home
go to bank
flea medicine on cats
call vet: did we have an appointment?
pay bills
oh yes, and feed children, remind them to brush and bathe etc...
leave at end of week for 2nd summer road trip to Monterey

And always remember to smile.


Janece said...

LOOK at that smile, would you? She's marvelous!!

PS - I'm still composing some replies to some of your previous posts. They will be coming soon. (It's been a terribly busy spell over the last 4-5 days.)

Tarie said...

Oh boy, you've reminded me that I have a list of things to do too... We can do it! =)