Monday, December 04, 2006

Has anyone seen Chickenblog today? I haven't. And I haven't seen my archives or comments since the big switch to Beta Blog. I am starting to believe that the whole new Google/Blogger marriage has destroyed my blog. Though, I can apparently still access my posting page... but even this has gotten complicated.

What have I got to blog about?

We had our gingerbread house building gathering which was simple and simply fun. My camera battery won't hold a charge, so no pictures of hot gluing and gumballs.

We got a BIG tree, which I think we will decorate over the course of several days. We agreed to go for more drama, so we need colored lights, rather than the tasteful-trendy all white look we've been using. I guess the big bulb "retro" look is in. I remember the big bulbs. Didn't they crackle a little? I seem to remember them making a fizzy electrical crackly noise. Hmmm, probably not good.

Geoff and I went to a company holiday party. Free food. Free drinks. Big giveaways. I loved being out in the world with my handsome husband. We found a comfy couch to share and watched hundreds of people swirl, whirl, twirl and mingle, we grabbed some Cracker Jacks for the kids, posed for a digital, green screen photo-op, then we went back to relieve Holly and Rich from babysitting our four.

Did I mention I made bourbon pecan cake? And William has been asking whether there will be tamales this Christmas. I guess my vague responses were what prompted his offer to help this year. Help? Awesome. I am totally inspired to make tamales with my son's help.

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