Monday, December 11, 2006

It was our server that kept us out of the www, and now Chickenblog is back and running thanks to Geoff. He probably spent days on the phone and hours emailing trying to get the server people to see the error of their ways. It took them long enough. I should probably notify the four of you that noticed my absence: I'm back!

Now I can post pictures of my nephew, Dominic. And I can tell you all about our weekend roadtrip to Santa Barbara, the many activities keeping the boys busy at school, and the usual activities keeping me busy at home. We continue to be experiencing our own series of unfortunate events, including the final death throws of our dearly departed dryer, and Geoff is up to his eyebrows in MLB PS3 toil. Our tree is literally half decorated, but I did manage to hang some lights on the house.. it's half-assed... err I mean sublime or subtle or something.

Anne just called. So nice chatting with a friend and she left me with an awesome idea: Get my car detailed. I may carpool Friday night and I could actually offer to be designated driver if my car is clean and she suggests giving myself the gift of letting the pros clean my car and I love this idea.

Clean car... I am starting my list of things to do. Today I wrapped some gifts, fed children, bought groceries and mostly sat around overwhelmed by what I wasn't accomplishing. It's time to make a list and direct my energy and make haste, get busy, meet goals, set priorities and release my inner super mom. I used to lead the children in my song: "Super mom. Super strong, super mom. Super mom, always right, never wrong, super mom!"

I'm on it.

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