Friday, December 29, 2006

2006 Reflections

I wanted to create a sentimental journey of 2006, but this may only serve to prove that a year cannot be summed up in 12 photographs. Maybe I should add a few more... we've been very busy, we've seen lots of family and friends and many memorable moments should never be forgotten.

January is full of birthdays, including Ron's, Nick's, Tamsyn's, Kelsey's, Janice's and Geoff's. Geoff's 40th birthday we celebrated at the park and with lots of friends and family. It was a beautiful day, especially for January.

Maybe So Cal is always beautiful. Here it is in February and the weather was just fine for Max to climb his favorite tree. We had to make a rule about how high he could climb. Max is always ready and willing to go one branch higher.

William's and Rich's weren't the only birthdays to celebrate in March, because at long last there was a new baby in the family.
Here is little Isabella Rose.

It's April and the weather is still grand! Good enough for a long weekend of camping with our friends Tamsyn, Carol and Gene. It's funny how even a little escape can make for so much fun.

My Mom makes the long trip to see us a few times every year, and on this trip we made a surprise visit to see Grandmother for Mother's Day. Another occasion with lasting memories.

June is a month full of birthdays, like Delia's, Hans', Bill's, Julie's, Phil's and Alex's. I took the children on a Monterey Roadtrip, which we filled with stops at Hearst Castle, Big Sur, Morro Bay, Santa Barbara and even a day at Bill and Alison's. By this time Geoff was getting his feet wet at his new job, and now he's way overdue for one of our awesome roadtrips.

Being busy at work doesn't mean missing all the summer fun. Geoff made it to ComicCon with us. We met Ray Harryhaussen, and saw a lot of strange and interesting characters.

I think Max really impressed me this year with his bright attitude and maturity. He turned 8 in August and he's been doing very well at school, at home, with friends and family.

Don't Ruth and Corm look happy? Grandchildren all around; I think that's how they like it. For Alex and Max it was a last week of freedom before they started their first year of school away from home.

This picture comes a little late in the photo-calendar, and Dominic came a little early, but what a welcome arrival! By October we were fully immersed in school schedules and activities, otherwise we would have rushed to meet the newest cousin.

November is another busy month, with Thanksgiving and holiday anticipation, but for me it's all about this little girl. Maria turned two and we are all marveling at her new skills and amusing antics.

Finally, I get to meet my nephew Dominic. It's hard to choose just one image to represent the last month of a great year. Holding this baby was such a great feeling, I think the memory sums up the joy I feel at Christmas.

That's 12 pictures for 12 months. There is a lot more to remember, like swimming at Steve and Andi's, welcoming Hans home from his time abroad, scrumptious dinners at James and Deanne's, Geoff's international job search, house hunting, our move, Maria learning to walk, Alex wininng two LEGO building contests, our new kitty... What do you remember about 2006?

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