Wednesday, December 27, 2006

News Form Our Winter Break...

An update: Geoff saved the archives! I don't know how, except that it took many hours, and now the archive links work again. Now I am working to update the archive photos. The old photos were linked to the old domain name and have to be individually switched to our new domain. Remember our old *privacy* system for pictures? Obviously I've thrown that security issue out the window, but a lot of pictures are still secure, so if you are exploring in the ancient archives you can plug in "balboa park" for the username and password. Okay, the updating is going s l o w. Geoff is better at it because he doesn't stop to read every entry. I am almost through July of 2003.

Here is the Santa that Maria kisses. She enthusiastically waves hello and good-bye to the little guy by our front gate. And in her arms is her other sweetheart, Frosty, the plush doll her Grandma Boo-Boo left her for Christmas.

Last night I was feeling comfortable and content, when I suddenly remembered this is our last week of winter break. It occurred to me that I really love having all the children at home. I love that the rules, expectations, impositions and chores of School are slipping from my memory, and our own family rhythm is taking over. School culture is very consuming and for us, it's still foreign. At least we have this break. I wish Geoff had a break. His work is all consuming too, and this morning, with rain coming down, and new toys to be played with, Geoff has to leave us and go to work. Sigh. If I were benevolent leader of the world we would have 4 day weekends, 6 hour work days, health coverage for all, nap time, peace on earth and 10 weeks of paid vacation. More on this later.

Happy birthday Debbie! My Colorado cousin and I share the distinction of having post Christmas birthdays. Debbie I hope you are enjoying a very nice birthday with all the trimmings.

Holly has a pre Christmas birthday, which she celebrated with grace and good humor. Rich organized a surprise party for Holly, which I think worked... she looked surprised when she walked in to the pizza place and found friends and family waiting to fete her with pizza, beer, balloons, presents and cake. Here she is radiating wit and beauty...

And for no particular reason, here is picture of our kitty, Benjamin Franklin Thunder Cat, cowboy and explorer:

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