Monday, January 29, 2007

The Many Moods Of Gilbert

Alex has started a little mood barometer. He likes frogs and he likes drawing and so to express his overall impression of his day at school he brings home frog drawings. The frog reflects his day. William and I, Max and even Maria look forward to each day's frog. Sometime last week when I picked Alex up, I didn't even have to ask him about his day to know that it wasn't a good one. He had the tired and sad look of a boy in middle school. He handed me this first frog...

Some days are better than others, for us all.

I love today's frog. I think this is A+ Frog, Caught the Football Frog, Light Homework Frog.

Happy Frog.

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cristina thornburg photography said...

I LOVE Alex's frogs. Those are great! Love, Auntie Tina