Friday, February 02, 2007

Whoa! It's Friday. I am only mildly surprised, unlike Geoff who was shocked to realize he was missing an entire day. Poor guy... working around the clock, through weekends, how can he be expected to know one day from another? I thought he would be happy to realize we'd arrived at Friday already, but of course for him it means he's got more work to do, in shorter time, than he realized.

I feel his pain. Literally. More work at the office means pretty much the same around here. It means I got no back-up, no weekend down time. So, when do I face the music and gracefully bow out of my Stupor Bowl Party? Yes, I actually invited friends over to eat chili and cheer for the best commercials on Sunday. I think I am going to be a wimp and a hypocrite. Wimpy me does not feel the ambition to be a hostess (cooking, cleaning, decontaminating etc...) And hypocrite me does not want to smile blithely and make believe that a little clutter is no obstacle to fun with friends. I like to believe that women should relax and quit presuming to have their lives in perfect order, but the lack of order around here is on a magnitude that justifies genuine embarrassment and shame.

Alex and Max are getting haircuts today, at Daniel's. Alex is overjoyed, because he likes to keep the hair out of his eyes. Max is utterly dejected, because he likes his hair long enough to reach between his teeth (eeww!) Max's hair is a beautiful, thick mane and I wish he could be my hair donor. With his hair cut, I think he may improve his reading, by virtue of being able to see.

I think I may be avoiding life. I am sitting here trying to think of more details to share, when I should be mailing the rent, doing laundry, darning my bras and calling friends with my bad news. Still here. Still stalling. Sigh.

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