Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Picture me with my arm raised in triumph. I have finished updating nearly 5 years of Chickenblog deep thoughts and photographs. Now every post should have at least one label, linking it to like posts. Those photographs that are still secure can be seen using the username “balboa” and the password “park.” That’s it, I think. In my mind there is a constant debate about the value of blogging. The process, though profoundly open and public, is isolating, and tends to make me feel a bit silly. After seeing the sum total of Chickenblog, all the deep thoughts, musings, pictures, the expressions of fear and concern, gratitude and joy, I am glad. I know, I’ve said this all before; how nice it is to have our memories recorded etc… It is good.

I sent Alex and Max back to school. Max was absent an entire week and Alex missed two days. Truthfully, I wanted to keep them home. They are not entirely recovered from their colds. They are coughing quite a bit. Max threw up, and so did Maria; both from coughing so hard. On the other hand, they can’t fall too far behind at school and I know that most sick kids are on campus… gee, how do you suppose we got sick? I wanted to keep them home to fully recover and feel well and rested, and because I miss them. I miss the activity of having all four bright, thoughtful children with creative ideas and thoughtful ways at home together. William, Maria and I get along and we accomplish quite a bit, but we all three feel so much better when it’s time to get Alex and Max from school. Hopefully they felt okay today, and won’t be sent home with a ridiculous homework load.

Maria is the most sick. She hardly slept last night or the night before. She has been feverish, coughing and congested. She looks frail and tiny, and her eyes barely open. In spite of being weak and distressed, she still says quietly, sweetly, “Pease chi-chi. Yummy, yummy chi-chi.” Right now she is serving me tea. She put a hat on my head and she is pouring tea from her toy teapot. It is reassuring to see her trying her favorite games.

Tomorrow is a very special day. I know I will be baking at least one pumpkin pie. I know he would like a pair of noise canceling headphones. Have you guessed? A package arrived from Hawaii, and uncle Hans and aunt Gretchen sent a very generous birthday greeting; all for William, the very soon to be 16 year old boy. My heart and my mind are full. They are full of emotion and memories, and expressions that have no power to match the sentiments I wish to convey. Here he is, my baby, my boy. He is tall, which makes him look older still, and he is quiet and reserved. He doesn’t make demands or insist on much of anything. He’d like some pie, because I asked him to choose something, cake or pie. Tomorrow is a special day, but I think every day is special because of William. He is a good son.

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