Thursday, March 01, 2007

William In The Digital Age

Our photo history begins in 2002, when we got our digital camera. Here is William in Hawaii on December 30th. He was 11 years old and not quite as camera shy as he is now.

A few months later and we were celebrating William's 12th birthday. He's probably relieved that I don't have a scanner. I can't get the really old pictures posted.

This is William when we were at Annette and Richard's house for Bill and Alison's rehearsal dinner. It was a fun weekend; I enjoyed seeing my three young men dressed up.

Our other occasion for dressing up was for dinners out at 150 grand. Geoff and I have always enjoyed taking the kids out, because they are a joy to spend time with. William's maturity and sweet nature have always been there.

14 already! Time goes by awfully fast, and everyone warned me, but it's still unexpected.

This is William one year ago, when he turned 15. He likes quiet birthday celebrations with family and maybe a friend or two. When he turned 6 we made a family trip by train to Colorado, and he and Alex got to play in snow. For many years we have made a celebratory trip to Disneyland, which is always a blast. He isn't too excited about turning 16; I suspect time is going by faster than he expected too.

William, no worries m'ijo. You are growing at the just the right rate and in a perfect direction. How do I know? I know you are doing great because of who you are and how you behave. Well, we know we have our conflicts, but I love you. You are bright, inquisitive, polite, sensitive, caring, kind, dedicated and fun to be with. You are handsome. You are intelligent. You are probably embarrassed, because I am singling you out for this merited attention. I can't help myself. The desire to lift you up and show you off has been in me from the moment you were born. Happy birthday son. You are one of my dreams coming true. What a blessing you are. Thank you.


Tarie said...

Wow, Happy Birthday William! =)

Natalie said...

Tarie, thank you. I will be sure William gets your thoughtful message.