Tuesday, March 06, 2007


Max's Progress Report:

"Max is very hardworking and enjoys finishing his work daily. He excels in math. We are working on having Max realize that he is an exceptional student. His progress in reading is continuing. Max's polite and respectful attitude allow him many friends in the classroom."

The only issue is Max's self-esteem. He does not accept that he is doing very well. I was tearful listening to his teacher praise him; she thinks he is amazing and she loves having him in her classroom. He always completes his work and it is always correct. He does not misbehave, not ever. He needs to be told what to do only once. He has many friends and many children seek him out. This little boy, challenges and all, is doing so amazingly well that teachers from all over the school tell me how great he is. I see the whole history. I think of where we were 6 years ago, the setbacks we went through 4 years ago, and I am profoundly amazed and thankful for this moment in time. Maybe he cannot understand how awesome he is; I look forward to trying to help him realize how well is work is paying off.

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