Tuesday, March 06, 2007

What can I share today…the good, the sad, the bad, the ugly, the tedious, the cute, the bitter, the oh so quotable? One of each? I know, I know. I’m groveling again. I keep hoping someone will want to converse.

After the night I had, I am in no condition to hold a conversation. Maria seems to suffer from growing pains. About once a month she wakes up crying. She tells us her legs or feet are hurting. She stays awake 2 or 3 hours, repeating, “Ouchie, ouchie, coco,” as she grabs her feet or holds her shins. I am able to distinguish her cry of frustration from her cry of crankiness, and this is definitely a cry for help. Maybe my training pays off and she falls asleep because of the massage, or maybe she just falls asleep from being awake since 2 a.m.

Sounds like a job for Dr. Alex, my super dependable, tattooed pediatric acupuncturist. Our regular guy is fine for measuring kids’ heights and taking temperatures, but for genuine ailments and mysterious conditions I trust no one more than Dr. Alex. With little or no fuss Dr. Alex and his expert team have cured lingering coughs, hives and body rashes, breast lumps, colic and symptoms of allergic reactions and other affects of Asperger’s syndrome. Have you ever had a difficult, impossible to cure or diagnose illness or condition, and then seen it evaporate like a raindrop on hot asphalt? Honestly, my experiences with acupuncture have been so straightforward, easy and successful that I almost don’t trust my very own memories.

She’s fine now… Maria. She is watching a little Dora while her mommy writes. William is upstairs working on 3-D Studio Max. William and Geoff were up late discussing questions and problems William has been working on. The car is on empty and I need to take lunch to the boys, and would you believe the house needs cleaning? We are all still trying to recover from colds and from the very difficult schedule Geoff is keeping, so things are definitely unraveled, frayed, disheveled and grouchy around here.

To be practical… my list:
Get gas in Odyssey
Deliver lunches
Finish laundry
Ask William to write thank you cards
Submit “Resident Application for 48 Hour Yearly Recreational Vehicle Parking Permit”
Relish thoughts of pissing off neighbors with our RV parked in front of the house
Dread after school meeting with Max’s teacher
Meet Max’s teacher: She wants to discuss his “self-confidence”
Get children home from school
Remind William to write thank you cards
Clean some more, anything, just make a dent
Make appealing, healthy dinner
Take luxuriating nap
Home facial
Finish Great American Novel about a girl living between cultures and growing up to make her own path, while staring down her demons and achieving success that defies conventional expectations…

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