Friday, March 16, 2007

Quarantine and Cabin Fever!

Ahhhk! I keep devising extremely clever excuses to leave the house. Alex just woke up about ten minutes ago. Obviously he didn’t make an overnight recovery. Max threw-up again. William, Maria and I are still healthy. I know you’ll pray for us. I guess I can’t exactly invite you over for a Friday night movie and fresh hot popcorn. We don’t need cat litter, sponges, toilet paper, apple juice, toothpaste or any other product, so I can’t rationalize a trip to Target. I offered Alex his choice of healing foods and would gladly run out to get him any temptation. He’s not hungry. I’ve showered. I’ve slathered good smelling lotion on my recently shaved legs. I am wearing the iced raspberry drop earrings my mommy sent and I am ready to break out of this joint!

Please. You must refrain from suggesting that I stay home and clean. Don’t ask whether I finished the second letter to the propane company, or if we are ‘all moved in yet?” Groan. It’s not that I necessarily crave retail therapy. I just want to do something… something… oh, what’s that thing called? Oh ya: Fun. I want to have fun. I want to feel rested, pretty, smart, and energized, and want to have fun and then return to a magically cleaned house with healthy children, and let’s go ahead and make it the first day of summer, with a housing market slump that brings prices down by 42%.

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Janece said...

That sounds good to me! Thankfully, I have a healthy child -- but everything else on your list... sign me up too! ;)