Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Yesterday I had to take Max in to the doctor's to get checked out; there have been cases of strep around the school. He doesn't have strep. Good. I almost made a clean getaway, except the nurse decided to get cute. "So, no strep honey. You just have a virus. Get rest, drink fluids and..." (get this!) "eat lots of popsicles." Thanks. Thanks a lot for your pain in the posterior prescription for my son who has barely been able to get out of bed, and is allergic to red dyes! It is not easy finding dye-free anything. It's not easy adding one more errand, when the day is as full as it is. And it is not easy to keep from slapping some people.

Max grinned. They're never so sick they can't understand a popsicle prescription. "Doctor's order, right?" he chuckled.

We found Breyer's popsicles... real fruit, no dyes, sticky, sweet and fun to eat when it's feeling like summer in So Cal. Grandma Nancy, I know it may be hard to imagine a scene like this in mid-March, these pictures are for you:

Max, taking his medicine.

Maria offering her support, takes the medicine too.

It really is a warm day.

We can add strawberry popsicles to Maria's list of favorites.

Never stop taking your prescription before you finish the complete course...

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