Tuesday, April 03, 2007

A Day In April

Geoff really should consider rising to a management position, or producing. He likes programming and no doubt he's good, but sometimes I am convinced he's not taking full advantage of his natural managerial skills, like list making. I should have let him make me another list yesterday, so that I would not have come home from the store without laundry detergent. The domestic queen is foiled again. So after loathing and resenting my TODO list, I am meekly, apologetically acknowledging the wisdom of making lists.

I need a grocery list and a random household necessities list. I need a list of things I must accomplish, and even a list of things I would simply enjoy accomplishing. I need a calendar that cross references all the lists and a huge bulletin board with flow charts, maps and diagrams illustrating the execution and scheduling of all activities listed. I feel all tingly just thinking of it.

Cristina asked about my camera lens: It is a "12x Optical Zoom... Meg O.I.S." Does that make any sense? It's all built in. I used the macro feature when shooting the pickle weed, but it's not been real consistent. I'm still learning. When it works, wow! I want to fall in to this flower... can you guess what it is?

Maria is in love with these bunny folk, that stand in welcome at her brothers' school. She has spent a week tentatively pointing at them, then she shyly touched a paw.

This morning she could no longer contain her affection. "Bumbies!"

Maria loves bunnies. I do too. It occurs to me that if this weren't Chickenblog, it could very well be Bunnyblog.

A package arrived yesterday, and Maria did not need a single hint or suggestion; she immediately declared that the small and heavy box must contain, "Bumbies." Alex and Max hadn't even begun tearing off the packing tape and she was chanting, "Bumbies, bumbies." And she was right! All the way from Hawaii came an Easteriffic bunny variety, including bunny bookends and Tutu's speciality: Chocolate Marshmallow.

Max shivered in anticipation of this holiday tradition, and I think I still have him convinced that chocolate and marshmallow only grow together in Hawaii, where his grandma has special Santa choco-marsh and bunny choco-marsh connections. Big mahalo and aloha to Tutu and Poppa Corn Man.

Something numerical... this is the 797th post to Chickenblog. The idea of closing in on my 800th post has been very intriguing to me. Is 800 a magic number? Geoff thinks it is significant that I am nearly at 1,000, but I am fascinated by 800. I really am seriously considering a Chickenblog contest and prize giveaway, or confetti and horns extravaganza. Maybe I will meet myself for coffee, wear big sunglasses and grin knowingly.


Janece said...

Is the flower a tulip? It's beautiful.

Maria and the bumbies are as sweet as can be. I had a bunny when I was a young girl - I loved him. He was black and of course, in all my creativity, I named him Midnight...

You can see us here: http://noordinarymoment.com/images/me_midnight.jpg

He was incredibly patient and sweet with me.

Happy Bumbies Season! :)

Natalie said...

Midnight was hugemongous! What a great picture.
And you win! It's a tulip. I took the picture and yet it still surprises me.