Thursday, April 05, 2007

This is Chickenblog, where I cluck like a happy hen everytime I think of something new to share...

800 Posts! Eight Hundred. Are you feeling the joy? The wonder? The sheer magnitude and volume of 800 posts merits celebration, and much rejoicing. Have you thought about how you are going to mark the day? I was thinking of baking a three tiered chocolate espresso cake with chocolate butter cream frosting... just kidding. It turns out today is going to be a day like most other days around here. The car needs gas. There is a lot of laundry that is clean, but it needs folding and hanging. Maria ran a fever all night; relapse, again? I'm a little disappointed, because last night I dreamed up beautiful ideas for reflecting on where Chickenblog began and where we are today, and I wanted to make witty references and add brilliant insights, but there really isn't time. Wouldn't it be great to throw in some new bells and whistles, maybe add labels in the sidebar and clever icons to Chickenblog? I nominate myself for a Bloggie: Super Prolific Under the Radar Blog. Cheers to me, the Chickenblogger!

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