Tuesday, May 22, 2007

I knew the results of the art contest for quite some time, but I had to zip-it, so my son could get the good news through the official channels. Now I can share! Announcing the grand prize winner of the school yearbook art contest. (Insert drum roll) Alex won with his vision of the completion of the last school building.

We're happy for him. He worked hard on the painting and even harder on the concept. For many weeks he was pacing, deep in thought, trying to come up with the best image for the theme: "Imagining the future." Then he went so far as to photograph Max around the school buildings, so he could capture details and have help with the perspective. I love the final painting and the fact that he won is very special, but I am most proud of the process. He planned and worked, and worked some more. He draws a lot, but he is less experienced with painting, so I know he felt particularly challenged and I admire him for seeing it through. Our whole family made it to Open House, where we got to see Alex accept a certificate and stand up with his peers. Good stuff.

School is the main theme around Garage Mahal these days. It's all still a novelty for us; the celebrations, occasions, fundraisers, activities and social calendar of school life. Home schooling was mellow by comparison. I have a number of things to accomplish for the yearbook and for teacher appreciation day, and Max's class is having an end of the year party. Do you know I am middle school room mom (mostly by default)? Am I supposed to plan a party? Oh, dear. The rules for middle school are different from grade school and I only learn this when I make a mistake. It's the middle of May and I still haven't received the Room Mom Handbook and Rules Guide

Speaking of busy, it's almost June, so we'll only be getting busier. For a while now we have been planning Alex's 13th birthday party. We love our themes and we have a great one this year. Last night Geoff and I were discussing the (sort of dreaded) fact that we will be hosting a party in our untidy home and that we had better get busy on that point. When we did a countdown we were fairly stunned to realize the date is fast approaching! Lookout! June is full of family birthdays and there is sure to be plenty of school related hoopla, so I think it would be wise to get jumping on all fronts... now.

Right now, today.
Wish me luck.
I'm off!


Anonymous said...

Way to go, Alex! You should be very proud.


Janice Rudnick said...

I would like to commision Alex to do a painting for me. He did such a wonderful job. Way to go Alex!

Tarie said...

Re: Alex's painting: Awww, niiice. :)