Sunday, May 20, 2007

I have CBD:

Compulsive Blogging Disorder.
Somedays I determine to shut-up, to give it a rest already. I think a few days without a post might be welcome, especially if I were to clean house, and unfunk the car, instead of blogging. Then thoughts start simmering and ideas take hold and suddenly I realize I've been composing in my head; I admonish myself a bit. I reason with my thoughts and bargain with my brain. I suggest to myself that not every flight of fancy or cute-cute happening needs to be broadcast on Chickenblog. (You've had the same thought? It's OKay, I don't mind the truth... sort of. Be gentle.)

CBD is a demanding disorder and I cannot resist its powers, so I post more often than I should.

I wrote down the names of the people who asked to have their names thrown in the hat. I may have added your name even if I wasn't sure you were actually asking to celebrate the 5 year Blogiversary. Odds of winning 50 Amazonians? 1:11. Lucky! Someone will get lucky anyway. Someone tried to enter 12 times under various pseudonyms, including: Delilah, Sasquatch of the North, and Granny BooBoo. We cannot help but admire the genius behind the greed. The drawing is Thursday, May 24th. Have you dropped your name in the hat? It's not too late to leave Chickenblog a comment, a little feedback. De-Lurk today.


Anna Banana said...

Please enter Anna Banana into the drawing :-).

Natalie said...

You're totally in Ms. Banana!

kimberly sherrod said...

Can I be in? I would love to make you a Chicken inspired apron to celebrate your Blogaversary- email me with your sdnail mail addy- ok? may take me a week or two but It is on my list! Congrats! I am happy to have met you and your Blog!!

Tarie said...

Posting often is not a problem. That means there are more goodies in store for us readers. :) (You don't have it as bad as other people do. Some people post several times in one day, every day.) Besides, it's not healthy to keep thoughts and feelings all bottled up!

Janece said...

You'll have to forgive me if I am an enabler of your CBD -- I'm one of those twisted sorts that doesn't want you to get help. ;)

And, enter me please... :)

Natalie said...

If we were sitting around the kitchen table I'd make introductions: Anne, Kim, Tarie, Janece, and then I'd ask Geoff to make us Margaritas to go with my guacamole and hot tortillas. ¡Salúd Amigas!