Thursday, May 17, 2007

Our Sewing Girl

Maria watches me. She knows I wear earrings and she'd like to wear some too. I can balance some from the tops of her ears and she brightens when she sees the shiny gems dangling from her ears. She sits on the kitchen stool when I am cooking. She peels garlic cloves or smashes her cracker, methodically, like a cook. And she sews, like me. I've been making birthday presents, in anticipation of June. Maria has been admiring the fabrics and unraveling the double folded seam binding. This morning she climbed on my lap and observed me finishing one part of a gift.

When I finished sewing, I turned my attention to the computer and email, and this was the opportunity she needed. She *threaded* the machine herself, using more colors and spools, which she carefully put on the machine.

She collected all the components of my project and piece by piece she *sewed* them. Once they were finished to her satisfaction she stashed each piece in her kitchen cupboard, safe from thieves and busy mothers.

She turns dials and reverses the feed. Fortunately, she has not learned which button actually powers the sewing machine.

She actually had the yellow thread wound around so it looked threaded. She saw me thread it through the needle, so she understands the general concept.

She's played with the dials before, but now she is deliberate and purposeful.

I will have to remember to readjust the settings, and I hope she doesn't mind when I reclaim my pieces.

Her world is so wide open and full of possibilities, and I feel full of awe and responsibility. She's watching me. She's absorbing and growing. This is such an amazing time.

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Tarie said...

Awww. <3 I am happy for you and Maria. She is a wonderful little girl and thank God she is watching you/has you as her role model. :)