Monday, May 14, 2007

Still waiting for this to happen:
FYI: Chickenblog is going to get some server updates in the next 48 hours, so we may be shut down for a bit... don't know when, or for how long... but when it happens I will be lost and sad... even my email will be affected!

It's getting close to the Blogiversary, and Geoff and I have been discussing The Prize. Supose it were an Amazon Gift Certificate? Would a little Amazonian currency get you excited? Do you think it would bring out any lurkers? Being who I am, I was imagining creating an original work of Chicken art that would be coveted by dozens and dozens of people; not going to happen. I am bursting with artistic and craftistic inspiration, but I am depleted of free time, and my own space. Being who I am, I was envisioning the Blogiversary as a festive celebration of 5 years of Chickenblog... confetti would fly across your monitors and the words and imagery would go to your heads like your favorite wine; again, not going to happen. Chickenblog just ain't that fancy, folks. Being who I am, I hope to include some fun and a little token of my happiness in sharing, so I will give something away. Email me or reply in the comments, say hi or hola, and your name will be thrown in a hat for a $50.00 Amazon Gift certificate drawing!

Have a great week.

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Anna Banana said...

Hola Chiquita,
Congratulations! We should give you the Amazon woman award. But since you're not eligible, you may count me in!
Anna Banana