Sunday, May 13, 2007

Happy Mother

Happy Mother's Day.

I love being a mother.
I love being, "Mommy," whispered softly, affectionately.
I love being "Mom! Mom! MOM! CAN YOU GET ME SOME WATER?" Two minutes after tucking them in, again.
I love being "Mom." Even with the exasperated, withering look.

I love being a mother, when I find them all together, sharing something, looking out for one another, as they so often do. Late Friday night, when the house got too quiet, I remembered that they were in Alex's room and William was reading aloud, another chapter of "Lord of the Rings." Alex reads "The Hobbit" aloud on camping trips. They all draw together and plan and build together.

I love being a mother. I love that Geoff is their father, my husband and partner, my friend and co-conspirator. We click. We synch. We can know with a glance that we love each other and we love these children.

I love that I am my mother's daughter, and that she is her mother's daughter. I love that I know so many beautiful, brilliant women all blessed with mother love.

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Tarie said...

Oh Natalie, I almost got teary-eyed reading this post. Awww, you love being "Mom" even with the exasperated, withering look? <3