Tuesday, May 29, 2007

I think any person who served in a war, or is serving today, must have thought an awful lot about home... not parades and medals, not grand moments, but the very simplest moments, when there is a quiet rhythm and ease. They must have thought about backyards and picnics and their favorite burger. They must have pictured familiar faces and longed to be in the company of laughter and comfort. Serving, I must imagine, was not about heroism; I think it must have been about going home and doing regular things, like sleeping-in, walking the dog, eating toast and jelly, wrestling in the yard.

With our fresh fruit smoothies in hand, we made a toast to the men and women who were in bad places and gave their lives, lost them really, and we thanked them for their sacrifice. We acknowledged that we were happy and grateful for the privilege of grilling in the backyard, goofing around, taking pictures, reading books, sampling the first fruits of the coming summer. Life can be sweet, simple and sweet and we are blessed to remember all of it.

Max remembered Fishy, who died and was shamefully and unceremoniously left to decompose in the garden two years ago. Please: A moment of silence for Fishy. He was beautiful and proud. He lived, as betas do, alone, but never lonely. His home was in the kitchen, by the sink, and he was Max's very own fish, loved and cared for by all. We miss Fishy. He was good. This stone and these flowers commemorate the happy life of Max's birthday fish. May he rest in peace.


Tarie said...

I think you're right. Soldiers long for home and all the simple things connected to home (that we all probably take for granted) - like comfortable beds. I bet they even miss annoying younger siblings and scolding from Mom. Can I just say... WAR SUCKS. :(

Natalie said...

Yes, it does.