Saturday, June 02, 2007

Here is a beautiful, visual "European Art Herstory" lesson. Yanina sent it and I found it so captivating I must share it. (Mom, it will take forever on your modem, but being BAAA prez, you must find a way to see this... maybe when you get to Bill and Alison's.)

Drum roll please: I was domestic and the house looks passable. It's always easier to clean when you are not alone and I was not alone. Geoff and William helped me get the job done. And I would like to announce that we (finally) have a super sucker new vacuum! Don't bother wondering what we've been doing without one for 5 months. She's an E-Bay find and a screaming good deal, and cute enough I think I'll name her Little Red. I just know she'll work hard and be wonderful, because she came from Wisconsin.

We are having full days with school and projects. Geoff and Alex are designing a catapult / trebuechet that can be, safely, and easily constructed for the medieval festival birthday party. Alex is keen on historic accuracy and good engineering. We may have to make some historic exceptions and skip felling any trees and use PVC pipes instead. We'll be launching orbs (tennis balls, beanbags?) at tin can knights and cardboard castles. More on all this later.

Today we are going to a class end of year party for Max. It sounds like it will be very nice. The room-mom has been hard at work with planning and organizing. Everyone is contributing something, but I suspect she has been busy doing more than she has asked of the rest of us. I am supposed to be in the kitchen right now, making enchiladas... I was going to make them traditional and I made the corn tortillas in advance, but all of the fresh, hot corn tortillas mysteriously disappeared! Foiled.

There is more to share and pictures to upload. And I must, must, must get to the post office. Busy me. And you? What's

One more thing: About sluggo, well, Delia wants everyone to know, sweet impressionable children especially, that Sluggo lives. His *flying lesson* was more of a gentle suggestion that he remove himself from her flowers and go live in the woods with his slug brethren.


Tarie said...

I'll watch the European Art Herstory as soon as I can. :) ...My house is a mess! My brothers won't help me clean up! Grrr. It is such a mess that I want to cry. :(

Natalie said...

Grab some tissue and let it out! I do! Why do houses have to get messy? I tell my husband, with a wink and a grin, he may choose a second wife... she can't be attractive, and she must obsessively love to clean! Nah... too much trouble. Pass the tissue please.