Thursday, July 26, 2007

Birthday Aloha

Aloha and Happy Birthday Ruth. We hope your birthday package arrived safely and on time. And we especially hope that today has been beautiful and easy, a happy day. Gee, we really wish we could be there celebrating with you. I was a little bit stunned to see how much the children have grown since our last visit, so we are certainly overdue for some Island time,

so, we can get warm aloha hugs and embraces...

and so we can return to the fun spots we love,

and visit the turtles.

We need some time in the surf.

And we need time to talk story,

and look for rainbows.


Tracy said...

Hope she had a great day! Fantastic photos...And look at that rainbow! Wishing you all a wonderful weekend! ((HUGS))

kimberly sherrod said...

lovely pictures as always! I can't wait to see your dinner with apron pictures! I am off to visit my son, Troy, at FSU in Tally- be back Sun pm or Mon pm...have a wonderful weekend!

Tarie said...

Lovely photos. :)