Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Little Kitty

:: We call her Figaro ::
This little kitty has been coming to our door since we moved in last October. I thought she was a kitten, but she may be just a little kitty. She's no bigger today than she was the first day she sang for her supper. She looks healthy. Her fur is silky, her eyes are clear.

We are allowed "One" cat. Ahem. So we cannot keep her. No. Out of our hands. Well, once, when her crying was so pitiful it tore at my heart, I held the door open for a really long time and looked the other way. (The landlord can't hold us responsible for a cat that visits, right?) She didn't come in. Not even for a visit. But she keeps coming back to our front door, and she sings and sings.

No matter how many times I feed her,
she keeps coming back.
Silly little kitty.


  1. Natalie...

    What a sweet face this kitty has... We all get unexpected visitors from time to time; I think he will understand(smile).


  2. What a sweetie-pie! You have a lovely visitor there, Natalie! I could just hug her, she's so sweet. Stray cats are odd creatures sometimes. She reminds me of a cat my mother used to feed, back when I was young at our old family house. The cat would never, ever come in the house. It's as if she was too afraid to go in, and would rather be outside. But she came to the house every day to be fed & love, and we loved her like a pet! I think you do have an extra pet there! ;o)

  3. I love her white whiskers against her dark face. Sweet girl.

  4. I wonder why she never comes in?


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