Sunday, August 12, 2007

Being Flexible

Today will be about packing, and studying the map. The boys have been sleeping
in the tent all week, so we need to roll it up, and there are all the extras
we've accumulated along the way... those need to get stowed away. I think doing
a load of laundry is in order, and adding some drinks and snacks to our camp box
will make the drive home more convenient.

And the map... I need to rethink our camping reservations. Maria, Max and
William are sick, and I cannot imagine the 5 of us packed together in our 4
person tent, sleeping on hard ground with smoky and cold air. They have fevers,
sore throats, runny noses and last night William was coughing. It was the first
night the boys joined me and Maria sleeping in the house. They are all still
sleeping... I hope Alex wakes up healthy. So, no camping, and probably no stops
for long hikes or visits to the agate beaches. We'll skip seeing downtown Eureka.

My Mom invited us to stay until the kids feel well. Tempting. It's so lovely
here, with the tall pines all around and the bushes full of juicy blackberries...
the bushes are actually full of thorny, prickly vines, which hold the juicy
blackberries. They're well worth the occasional scratch and prick. We still
haven't been to the fish hatchery or had a cranberry pizza. Max wants to go on
an insect walk with his grandpa. I would love to learn a few jewelry tricks,
like how to make a ring. By leaving tomorrow we will miss seeing the blackberry
festival, the cranberry festival... which includes a quilt show, and later there
will be a salmon festival in Coos Bay. I don't think we need to think hard to
find reasons to stay. Mom and Ron's company alone makes the visit worthwhile.

Ahead of us is a long, long drive, made even longer by children who are not
feeling well. This may call for some real coffee. Ahead of us is the happy
reunion with Geoff, and sharing all of the details of our adventure with him.
Hugging our cats, taking celery to Joe, the rabbit, and checking my barrel farm.
I wonder if we'll ever get tomatoes? Then there will no doubt be laundry, bill
paying and answering emails, getting ready for a new school year and preparing
for one more grand adventure; this time Geoff will come too!

In my mind I am crossing a fast moving creek. The boulders and rocks that I can
step on are the good spots in my life and the cold, rough water is the rest, like
back to school and living in a rented house. No, that doesn't
make a good metaphor. I like creeks and water, even cold rough water. Let's
just say: I'll be happy to be with Geoff again and to see our cats, and I am
looking forward to visiting Wisconsin and being with more family. In life it
helps to be flexible, right?


Tracy said...

Hello, dear Natalie! So wonderful to hear what's been happening with you! So sorry the kids are sick...hope it's just a bug which passes soon and they will be well before you know it and able to enjoy the rest of your travels and time with family. Flexibility can be an ok thing...When you meet that fork in the road, relax, each way will lead to a good place! ((HUGS))

nikkipolani said...

Yes, yes, yes! Flexible is good. I was just talking with a friend about a girl I knew who had a spreadsheet for her life. God had other plans, however, and she was one disappointed girl!

Anna Banana said...

Don't know if you've been able to keep up with pioneerwoman, but today your photo was right next to Ursula the cow!

tea time and roses said...

Hey Natalie...

I hope the children are feeling better soon... Cranberry pizza, is it sweet, tart or a little of both? I cannot wait to hear more about it.. I just know you have some beautiful photos for us...

Take care....



Jennifer said...

Oh dear -- here's hoping everyone is feeling much better, NOW, and that your adventures continue on a positive note!

Tarie said...

Oh, no. :( I hope the kids are feeling much better now!