Thursday, August 16, 2007

Post Cards

There are all kinds of things going wrong around here. The washing machine gave me one load (yes, I am still playing Washer Roulette) and then it went completely wacko at the start of the 2nd load. Arggh. And iPhoto is being hugely ornery. It will only allow me to upload 6 pictures at a time and it dies after I've loaded only eighteen total. At this rate my hundreds of images will be stuck in photo limbo f o r e v e r. Wah! Did I say "all kinds?" OKay, so it's only two, and I won't bother mentioning there's a war going on, inflation is out of control and I am still overweight. It's no fun listening to a whiner after all.

Time to divert myself with a few of the pictures I have so far managed to upload to the computer. My very own postcards. I just love postcards.

So, have I mentioned that I stopped by a quilt shop or two? To be fair, I could have visited 10 times the number of quilt shops, but I did exercise some constraint. As I discovered, every shop has something new to offer and so it was always worthwhile to take a peek. Otherwise, how would I know that fat-quarters are sometimes folded into charming triangles, then stacked into tantalizing stars. If you don't know, a fat quarter is a squarish cut of fabric that gives a crafter or quilter a nice fabric sample, in a convenient size for making a whatever. I love them, because they are affordable morsels of fabric goodness. This is also where I finally saw what is meant by a jelly roll; scrumptious strips of fabric rolled and ready to play with! Eat it up, yum!

Easy to get to and a delight to visit, Quilted Angel was definitely a highlight of Chickenblog's Quilt Tour 2007. Where are my notes? I actually started to write down names and places, so I could give credit where it is due. Credit is due at Quilted Angel, where the service was very friendly, very personable and relaxed. And the fabric choices were amazing. I figured I had seen most of what's out there, but I was really, really wrong. There are an impossible number of beautiful, fanciful, new, vintage and desirable prints in the world and I found plenty to make my heart flutter. I also found buttons and bought a handful of lavender and green ones, and I got yards of pink and red mini fuzz ball trim (do those have a real name?) Good stuff. Good store. Hope to return.

I love road trips because I find new sights, new views, and new inspiration. We rolled down the highway and though I have never seen pear trees before, I recognized these, even at 65 MPH. Had to pull over and make a postcard. Somewhere north of Santa Rosa and south of Willits, pears are ripening and looking sun-kissed and plump.

This postcard is to remind me that it's easy to love road trips when I have such wonderful children. They travel well. Very well. I hope they remember these adventures, the sights, the rough patches and the triumphs. We figure things out together and make everything come out alright.

And we always find something to laugh about. Sorry we missed the Bard-B-Q... maybe next year.

We camped along the Eel River, in Richardson Grove State Park. I love it there. On our first drive to Oregon we landed there late one night and left in dark morning.

I was so happy to return with more time to appreciate the park, the river, the trees and the starry night. The river was shallow, slow and dammed, which is damning. Poor Eel River is quite stunted by being all dammed up.

Of course a flooded Eel River would not be much fun either. At this level, we were able to enjoy our evening on the riverbank. Skipping stones, collecting pretty things, pointing out fish and frogs, cooling our toes.

Our tent wasn't too far from this idyllic spot and we spent the night listening to the river pour over rocky sections, with the wind blowing across it and over our little tent.

At our campsite Max reminisced about school and the rock shops he and his friends kept. Max set up a brand new rock shop, where I bartered for a lovely rock with milky bumps and some crystal shine.

Meet Sergio. He and his dad camp every summer, and are especially fond of river spots. Sergio is part river otter... he was swimming in the river! After we decided it was time to build a fire and try to retreat from the constant wind blowing across the water, Sergio hiked back to the river, towel in hand, and had a nice, long evening soak. Brrrr!

One last postcard for today: Happy Campers, New Friends.

And one last thought: Thank you blogging friends for all the nice comments you've left. It's such a delight to hear from you and to recieve your warm thoughts and wishes.


Denise S. said...

Your trip looks like a great time was had by all. From the quilt shops you got to visit to the terrific camping spot you stayed at. Simply terrific pictures you have shared with us. A great bunch of kids you have.

Tracy said...

Thank you, Natalie for taking us along with you via your postcards! I feel like we were there with you! Love all these photos of the kids having happy times. And sounds like mommy had some happy too--super hearing about your quilt shop stops--lookie the goodies you found! Hope the washer roulette stops soon and you get a big win with that. Ah, domestic bliss! LOL! Hope you all have a great weekend1 ((HUGS))

debbie said...

You take such nice pictures. I haven't stopped by for awhile. It was worth the wait.

nikkipolani said...

I don't know how you can resist beautiful fabric. I'm not even a quilter (and not much of a crafter), and I find myself putting them in my basket (and then putting them back when I can't justify them). Love your postcards, Natalie. The campground looks idyllic - starry nights too.

Tarie said...

I love the fabric stars and the fabric jelly rolls. :o) And I agree with Debbie, you take such nice pictures!

Melodee, said...

I just happened to find your blog in a link on another blog (don't remember which one) and, being another Californian, clicked on your California link. I'm reading down your posts, ladedadedah, and what do I come to but my little home town! Yes, I live in the booming city where the local Shakespeareans hold their Bard-b-q (nope, never been). The pears you photographed were probably amongst the plethora of orchards in and around Ukiah about an hour north of Santa Rosa. I'm enjoying reading your blog and think I will add it to my very short list of ones I try to read . . . when I have time. Thank you.