Friday, August 24, 2007


Compulsive Blogging Syndrome
Laugh out loud... you might not know that about me... I laugh outloud a lot. There are a lot of things that make me laugh too; like me, being dumb or random or happy. Kind of makes me laugh just thinking about it.

3 hours of sleep is all I managed. So, people might say, "Oh, you'll sleep on the plane then," as though a plane ride is an ideal time to make up for lost hours and the mad rush to the airport. I hope they are right, because I can never seem to sleep on planes, or catch-up from the rush, but I would like to though.

Maria is awake too, and she wants to snuggle, and I ask her if she would like to get dressed now, and she says, "No 'hank you. I don't like that" Lately, when she wants it to be clear that she cannot apologize, help clean, speak quietly, go to bed or cooperate in some way, she adds, solemnly, "Hipcups." Yes, hiccups are like a doctor's note, the President's pardon. I would like to employ her tactic:

Them: Pay your taxes!
Me: No thank you. Hipcups.

Them: We'll need to run some tests... please go to the lab.
Me: Sorry. No. Hipcups.

Is that it? Well, yes. I gotta get in the shower and finish shuffling stuff around. Tomorrow we will be among tall trees and golden fields, we will see rivers, barns, cows and cornfields. Joy! And we'll be in the company of family, getting hugs and sitting together on the porch. I hope we can see fireflies and maybe catch a thunderstorm. I look forward to walking into town, and seeing the children play in the yard, like their Daddy did, when he was a boy. It feels good to be where the history is familiar, and the company is too.


Tracy said...

Have a wonderful, safe, sweet trip--savor your family time. Don't let those hiccups stop you! ;o) See you next week Thinking of you all ((HUGS))

Tami @ Lemon Tree Tales said...

It all sounds so sad Natalie. I do hope that you enjoy some family time and get a moment or two to have some happy time with them. Safe journey!

nikkipolani said...

Oh you're going to have a lovely time and no need to follow any statements with Hipcups :-)

Jennifer said...

Peace and love to you. And joy, and hope, and togetherness with family. Keep thinking about all that great quilt mojo bubbling up at your house (and I SO know what you mean about wanting your child/children to want to make things, yet feeling overwhelmed when they seem to pick the totally less than ideal times to do so, but going with it anyway and feeling the love of it all...). Please take care of yourself.

Tarie said...

"No 'hank you. I don't like that" and "Hipcups" = Precious. Polite too. :)