Thursday, September 06, 2007

More to Love About Oregon

In the interest having time to get a whole lotta of other things accomplished, today's post is a photo collection of a few favorite Oregon moments and sights.
Many pictures; few words.

I love weirdness, like muscleman finger puppets from the gumball machine.

I love quilt shops and the beautiful examples they share. Quilted farm scene? Extra love!

I love that drivers in Oregon stop for pedestrians; ducks too.

I love that the blackberries were growing among this pine tree's branches and that it looked as though the tree were dressed for Christmas.
I am a sucker for those cute forest animal scenes in Christmas cards... little mice and bunnies sipping tea, hanging stockings, singing carols!

I love these three boys. They are a lot of fun everyday and maybe even extra wonderful on road trips.

I love sunlit daisy girls.

I love grandpas and grandsons, and exchanging new skills.

I love puppies. Free puppies. Cute curly haired, drowsy eyed, black, plump puppies. How did I ever get away?

I love slugs. Oh, come on!


Tami @ Lemon Tree Tales said...

Everything's great, except I don't like slugs either. Yuck!!! Just the other day I was out by the lemon tree picking up old leaves to throw in the green garbage when I almost touched one. Ugh, ugh, ugh .. that's when I turn into the most girly girl and get a little on the squirmish side. Luckily I had on gardening gloves so it wasn't too bad. But yeah, count me out as a slug lover. :-) Looks like you and your family had an outstanding vacation back home.

Tarie said...

What wonderful moments. :) I especially like the quilted farm scene! *awed by the quilt - didn't know that could be done*

nikkipolani said...

I love it that your kids have so much connection with family and extended family - what great memories!

That's one amazing shot of a slug. There's not much I hate more than slugs - ick!