Friday, September 07, 2007

Sentimental Parents Tour Twin Cities

With children and a camera in tow, happy parents Natalie and Geoff were seen touring the Twin Cities. They stopped at every corner and tree that ever held a place in their brief yet eventful year of living in the great, white north. The children are reported to have been either bored, indifferent or slightly amused by their parents' cataloging of all things memorable and significant, however unmemorable or insignificant.

Sample monlogues:

"William this is the first house you ever lived in," spoken tearfully and with much import.
Picture a tired, run-down duplex on a noisy, congested street. Many cars are parked where William once sat in his bouncy chair, while his grandpa roasted brats. William, being no more than 10 months old when we moved, is unmoved.

"William this where we used to push you in your stroller around the lake, and you saw swallows and red-winged blackbirds," the mother said pointing to the gates of the nature center, which is closed for the night. Well, it really is a great nature center, but of course no one can appreciate it from the back seat of a rented mini van.

Minnehaha Falls

And going way back in time: "William this where we walked when I was 4 months pregnant with you and I ate pop-corn, a corn-dog and corn on the cob, at the same time!" Does this hold any significance? Where next?

We drove by the resale shop in South Minneapolis, where I bought my first ever preggo outfit. "William, William look! That's where I first got maternity clothes to wear. See it?" Geoff circled the block so everyone could get a second look.

First co-op.
First flower shop, hardware store and coffee shop.
First gardening center... oh, they're closed.
Ah, first toy store!

We pointed out every flower box, playground, museum, house we almost bought, statue, fire hydrant, ATM and river crossing that we ever thought might have had an influence or important role in forging our son into the handsome, caring, kind and intelligent young man that he is today.

Here's a new first: All of us together at Minnehaha Falls

Next time we are in Minneapolis we will add a stop at the bunny statue to our list of must see places and things to do.
No children were (permanently) harmed in the Twin Cities Memory Lane Tour.


Anna Banana said...

Maybe you need to raise your awareness to realize that you only feel guilty about CHAOS because our culture encourages that. Then you would be aware that you are an awesome mom and not worry about CHAOS anymore. Sorry everyone else will be confused about this remark but Natalie. Happy Friday!!!!

Tarie said...

That bunny wunny statue is great. :) Even now, your blog never fails to make me smile and/or laugh, Natalie. :)

nikkipolani said...

Y'know, from your various pictures of William, I didn't guess how big he was! You look dwarfed by comparison! I think I visited Minnehaha Falls about 10 years ago. Is there a nearby boat tour one can take?

Natalie said...

Boat tours... hmmm... maybe. I'm thinking there could be on Lake Nokomis. Of course in a 10,000 lakes state, there's bound to be a boat tour somewhere! We went out on the Mississpippi a couple of times... years back.

Tarie, now more than ever, I am glad to make you smile.

Anne, you make me smile. Thank you for seeing me in such a good light.