Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Finishing October

I ought to have a separate label called "Shocked" and under its heading would be all the posts that express my amazement about the lateness of the month, or week or day... seems I am always caught off guard by the passage of time. It's Later Than You Think could be my theme song. So, anyway, I am taken aback, surprised, turned around... October is nearly through? Oh my.

OKay. Who needs a costume? William asked for a black dress shirt that will be suitable for Frankenstein's Monster; something in keeping with the literary description of the creepy fellow. Alex's costume is nearly complete, I think... wait, I seem to recall a strip of elastic I need to attach to his head dragon's head. And for Max, I need to get to a feed store and buy a flake of straw. Maria... she says she wants to be a "Cutie Bug!" I think that can be open to interpretation, so I hope she is happy with whatever I can manage in the next 24 hours! Pictures, yes. I will take lots of pictures.

Last week, when we came home from our very exclusive evacuation center, we were greeted by 2 parcels. One from Hawaii and one from Oregon. Seems the grandmas were in sync and they both had Halloween on their minds. I cannot describe the pleasure we derived from those care packages... it was as good as a party and a wonderful distraction from our fears and anxieties about the fires.

My mom sent Maria little tulle tutus, and Tutu sent her a bracelet and a necklace. We also received gag gifts, like a fake cigar and a chewed wad of gum prop, Halloween pencils, paper plates and a tea towel with a pumpkin cookie cutter. Tutu added her traditional chocolate covered marshmallow treats, which the boys jokingly say can only be found in Hawaii. Thank you grandmas and grandpas! We love our treats.

Interesting crossroads... I am struggling with a decision about what is appropriate and what is inappropriate to discuss in a blog. I know that very personal or emotionally charged subjects are considered taboo for some, especially in a family blog or when read by people not as comfortable with the whole blog genre in the first place. Yet some people would actually find it remiss of me not to mention an important, or significant event or passage... maybe it would seem indifferent of me or insensitive of me to not acknowledge sad news. And lately I have left quite a bit unsaid, preferring to respect privacy, and perhaps I should continue in this mode. However, I make this blog a chronicle of our lives and a means to connect with family and friends.

And so I must mark this day, quietly, though publicly, and extend my deepest sympathy to my cousins. My tio passed away last night... it is my cousins I am thinking of, their loss, and I am sad too... once again caught off guard by the passage time, and full of memories of our times together as children, playing under the watchful, loving eyes of our parents. I pray for their comfort, that they may feel the warm embrace and loving kindness of family and friends, near and far.


Jennfier said...

Expressing grief, and loss, gives those who care about you a chance to express that they care, to hear your sadness, to offer comfort -- I am so sorry. And this is just another of those hard, ugly little nuggets of adulthood, right? that we have to learn to deal with death because we encounter it more, and closer to us. But by reaching out we can share this, too, and feel comfort in our knowledge that we are all traveling down this road together. Peace~

nikkipolani said...

I'm sorry for the loss of your Tio, Natalie, and for your cousins who must feel it keenly. I understand about the ambivalence of what is post-able. Sometimes I write "private" posts just to get them out and then delete them later. Hugs.

Julie said...

I'm so sorry for your family's loss.

euphoria said...

Hi there- just came across your blog... First, I'm sorry that your uncle passed away. I will pray for your family and his loved ones.

I too live in Escondido and work within the HR field... I thought it was interesting... then you said "tio" and freaked me out some more cause I'm hispanic too... anyway, love your blog and I will be back often.

Tami @ Lemon Tree Tales said...

Oh Natalie, that's such sad news about your uncle. I'm so sorry for you and your cousins. I'll be thinking good thoughts for you.

Tracy said...

Oh, Natalie...I am so very, very sorry for so much loss...my thoughts and prayer go out to you, your family and friends. I hope you will find comfort and peace in the love that surrounds you. I appreciate the courage you show in sharing all that you do here. Personally, I enjoy peronally-written blogs. We all experience the joys and hardships of life, so why not share it? Much love to you, my friend ((HUGS))