Monday, October 08, 2007

Naming Things

It is time for a story and a nap. Bunny, Monkey and Penguin are napping, while Maria reads them the story of Christmas Mice. People love to ask her, "What's your_____(baby, monkey, bunny, bear's name?) and she never has a reply. They are what they are, without names, but that's not to say that she does not label things, categorize objects, people and places.

She loves to wear singing dresses. A "singing dress" is a pretty dress, that has an extra hint of femininity, a flounce, good twirl, and she likes to pull one from the closest when it's time to get dressed. She will exclaim, elatedly, "Oh, a green singing dress!" Unless it is a dancing dress. Dancing dresses are ethereal, gossamer, radiant creations meant to evoke fairy tale visions of movement, light and grace. She loves dancing dresses just as much as singing dresses.

It took some time to understand that she is Girl... not Maria, or any of the endearments we call her. When she takes count of everyone in the room she says, Wilwee (William), Ah-uh (Alex), Mah (Max), Daddy and Mommy, and Girrr (Girl.) She might additionally count Benbee (Benjamin) and Changee (Chango.)

If you accidentally sit on her imagined Angel, a frequent companion, she will ask you to please get off Ainjoe and when you apologize, and you should always apologize if you've sat on an angel, she will reply, "No woo-wees," which means no worries.

Even late at night she is rarely feepy... sleepy. She loves chalky milk... chocolate to you and me.

Glory Eve... a morning glory open and lovely at sunset. I found these blooming in Deanne and James' garden.

I am so happy to have my computer working, and to be able to save my pictures. We have a name for days and minutes, for months and years, but sometimes there are moments that we might not recall, that never get named, but which are precious. Too precious to lose. Pictures help me to hold those times, and enjoy them again.


  1. So much love in your posts! Good thing I'm past baby age or I'd get me a grrr! Happy Monday...

  2. Oh my gosh, Amira loves chalky milk too! In her case, it's chocolate hempmilk... but she loves her chalky milk! I love that her and Maria say the same thing.

    Amira hasn't fallen for the dresses that Maria has. Although she does love wearing them when we pull them out.. she just doesn't seek them out like Maria does. It's interesting to see how different personalities develop. :)

    Lovely post, Natalie. Really lovely.

  3. Absolutely beautiful post Natalie...just lovely.



  4. Natalie, I LOVE THIS POST. I love the perceptive way you observe your children and their individual nuances.

  5. Wonderful post! I love how the animals are face down for their nap. The morning glory pic is gorgeous. I just took pics of mine, too. And the last picture is so precious, no words necessary.

  6. What sweet precious sweet moments you captured. Thank you, it made my day!!! I'm off to find a singing dress, and the perfect dancing dress. And now I know to look before I sit. So much wisdom....


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