Sunday, October 07, 2007

The Big Back-Up

He did it. Geoff saved everything worth saving. A few files were too mangled to retrieve... no big losses. But don't assume it was easy-peasy or that we weren't freakining out. The thought of losing 1,000's of photographs and music and files, data, school work, memories... it induces terrible anxiety and bad smelling sweat. Geoff worked almost the entire weekend on data recovery for 2 different computers. It takes patience, good intuition, experience, and did I mention patience? Please, save.

If I could, I would post photos from our dinner with friends, or one of Maria sitting with her animals, reading them a book. While Geoff monitored buzzing hard drives, I sat beside him and made progress on 2 quilts... they are still WIPs, (Works In Progress) but they've come a long way since Friday. I look forward to sharing the quilts in progress, and a picture of Alex's art; he's drawn a fascinating depiction of homework getting the best of a scholar.

So, I guess there was a time when a paper and pencil sufficed for staying in touch and a photo album held the best of our family photographs. I claim to be more old fashioned than not, but my close call with memory loss, and being away from email and posting and reading blogs forces to me to admit that I love my modern convenience. I depend on this computer. I rely on the internet and appreciate Microsoft, Google, Amazon, email, Blogger, Apple and Macs... the whole enchilada. And the foremost reason that I love it is because it is a profoundly ideal tool for staying in touch with family, friends and the world... it brings me shared moments, news, resources, answers, art, music, inspiration, maps, ideas, and poetry. What a gift.

Now I will heat dinner, bathe children, clear dishes, start some laundry, floss, and reflect on the good things. I hope you are enjoying the good things too.


kimsherrod said...

I am so glad.
I was worried for you. Concerned, really. It would break my heart and splinter my mind if I lost my stuff. Fred runs cleanup programs to defrag and delete the garbage and create space and all the mumbo jumbo wizardry that he knows. count on him to back me up and I am glad that we have our guys to help us stay online and in touch. I love reading your blog very much. I miss it when you don't blog. Its like a happy place to go to. Like over to the neighbors for a cup of coffee and a chat. I love maria's straightforwardness with the name thing. and she has an invisible angel. I always had an invisible elf. He was my best friend. I found a beautiful handmade dress at Goodwill the other day and am sending it along with her chicken blankie. I haven't finished the chicken bag yet, but am trying. I have to clean up my sewing room today and get organized before I attempt one more thing!~ anyway. Love to you and yours. have a great day.xoxoxox kim

Tarie said...

Re: Geoff - Wow. Re: the good things - I am enjoying the good things. And Chickenblog is one of the good things. :)