Saturday, October 06, 2007

Save, Save, Save!

No, this is not a sales ad. This is a reminder to everyone, like me, who remembers that backing up precious files and photo libraries is crucial and yet rarely gets around to actually doing the job. Our mega-mighty, super-tera, infinite memory hard-drive died. Like a brilliant ER doctor, Geoff jumped on its chest and spent hours doing hard-drive memory resuscitation...HDMR. When he could get a pulse and small chunks of memory files were moved to the donor hard-drive, he would use his compassionate bedside manner to coax the feeble hard-drive into giving up just a few more bits and bytes... "Come on! You can do it. Hang on... hang on!" Hours and hours of guidance, coaching, monitoring and delicate, delicate operations.

My contribution? I was the grieving spouse... wailing, wringing her hands, pacing the floor, flipping through back issues of Sunset magazine from 1989, sipping lukewarm coffee from the vending machine, calling immediate family... I was a wreck.

We aren't out of the woods yet. The old hard-drive is in and out of commission, sometimes grinding and sputtering incoherently. This morning we Geoff is trying to recover music files and iMovies. After a fitful night, mourning the losses and calculating what might hopefully be saved, I have come to a place of acceptance. There is comfort in knowing that there will be some recovery and we did put a lot on discs at one point and another. Also, I am keenly aware there are bigger issues out there, tougher burdens to bear, and with this in my mind, I say a word of thanks for the blessings in my life. My heart eases, and I add my hopes and prayers for some dear people I am holding in my heart, wishing well.

Save. Back-up. Count your blessings. Love and be loved. Greet the brand new day. Repeat.


Tracy said...

Such reminder are always good--thank you, dear friend! Happy Days to you & yours--saving, counting, blessing, love ((HUGS))

nikkipolani said...

Sheesh, Natalie, you're scaring me! But you are right. I need to back up my stuff.

Tarie said...

Awww. :(