Friday, October 05, 2007

Here We Are and It's October, Again

Maria has been redecorating. She's going with a monkey look. Three monkeys sit together, overseeing a mess only a monkey could make. A monkey or a 2 year old girl with energy to spare and a very active imagination.

If you are like us, in So Cal, and the change of season is barely discernible, you may want to visit Lady Harvatine. She has sewn-up a crafty way to bring Fall inside. I have been on the lookout for a maple tree, where I can sit beneath and look up and imagine I am in a forest of Autumn and seasonal beauty. The air is crisp, I can smell the earth and a faint wisp of smoke from logs crackling in someone's fireplace. A breeze stirs the fallen leaves. Branches rustle. A crow calls, and meets others. Far above, clouds are gathering, swirling in a sky so deeply blue it looks infinite.

Autumn touches my senses, or my imagination at least.


  1. Living in SoCal sounds so nice.

  2. Sweet, lovely sounds like fall is starting to happen there :o) I like Maria's decorating--she's got a good sense of the whimsical going there with those monkeys...We could all use a little more whimsy at home. I need to get monkeys ;o) Happy weekend to you all ((HUGS))

  3. A teeny bit of fall weather up here, Natalie. Dark-ish clouds and temps in the low 70s. My Chinese flame tree is starting to think about dropping its leaves.

  4. I wish I could experience autumn. For me, autumn is only in movies and the occasional tv program.

  5. We've been known to maple bright maple leaves to our geographically -challenged friends. Come mid-January, I will be jealous of your weather!

  6. Maple in the mail! A maplegram... I would love it.
    I know real winter is painfully cold and a lot of work, but I have been so romantically smitten with seeing real seasons and having my very own home, I almost convince myself that I could endure a snow filled, icy cold season.


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